Findings about the situation of Internally Displaced persons in Kumba, South-West Region.

In May, 2018, Reach Out conducted 105 household surveys with displaced persons and host families at random,  as part of a feasibility study on the necessity of humanitarian assistance for Plan International and UNICEF.

We wish to share with the international community some of those findings.

The crisis is growing. 43% said to have been displaced in the last month, 70% in the last 3 months. There could be between 40,000 and 60,000 displaced people in Kumba alone, accounting that majority of displaced persons remain in the forests.

Shelter is the major need, followed by health, and particularly, children’s health. Within the last 2 weeks, 15% of children < 5 years old had diarrhoea; 30% had fever and 21% had a cough.

The incidence of Malaria among IDPs is really high (70% of patients)

Maternal Health is also a call for concern, several cases of pregnant women giving birth on the run have been identified, with critical consequences (death, severe illness, malnutrition, diarrhoea) for them and their babies.

Additionally, there is a significantly low (33% for boys and 37% for girls) rate of sick children accessing medical facilities and medication. To put it differently, roughly 65% of sick children are not going to a health centre or hospital.

While in some cases, such as clean water, mosquito nets and clean birthing kits, this can be

Displaced families have 3 times less income than the 2014 average for the South-West Region and are living below the poverty line.

With the growing violent incidents and while the international community is still mobilizing, we expect this situation to have worsened in this last month.

We hope to keep partnering with organizations that wish to support Displaced families from the conflict. If you want to do something, you can donate to this project for direct assistance to identified displaced families under extreme stress.

P.D: No picture was taken from this mission. The image belongs to one of our actions to support IDP families in Buea.

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