Humanitarian activties of the Month of September

My name is Clara from Illoani. We had to run to the bush at the middle of the night because of gunshots. They kill everyone they see in the farms so we had to look for a way to leave that area. We left on the 26th of May to Kumba and we stayed there for a while, stranded with no money. When we finally left Kumba to Limbe, our car had to stop on the way because the military were shooting. After we passed the military, the « Amba » stopped our car and sent us into the bush. The driver wanted to go back but I refused. So I was asked to come down with my children there, at Muyuka. We stayed at an old man’s house that night but couldn’t sleep because there was a lot of shooting. My child was shot that night in his neck. He was rushed to the hospital but died. I went unconscious and didn’t even know when my child was buried. On the 6th of June, I finally arrived Limbe with 3 children instead of 4.

My blood pressure has increased. We find it difficult to feed since we came to Limbe and I haven’t received my salary for 4 months now. I encourage the others to commit all in God’s hands and beg everybody to allow peace to reign.

Please, I don’t want a picture of my face. My picture, with my dead child and covered with blood was already all over facebook.

Clara is one of the 1,473 people we helped last Saturday 22nd of September in Limbe 1 and Tiko Sub-Divisions. They received a basic household package (Mats, blankets, pots, dignity kits…etc.) thanks to funding from the International Rescue Committee.

Like Clara, many other displaced persons need help. Remember you can do something for a displaced person by donating or talking about our emergency project.

In these times when war gets worse and the situation is more and more unstable, we need to step up and give out our best. This last month, we have increased our presence as a humanitarian actor in the region with the following actions:

  • Helped more than 1,800 families (+16,000 people) living in hidden camps in the forests of Mbonge with Hygiene and Sanitation Kits (Water treatment product, buckets, cups, soap…) and mosquito nets.
  • Helped more than 220 pregnant women living in these same communities with Birthing Kits to give birth in the best conditions. (Thanks to Birthing Kits Australia)
  • Helped 200 displaced families in the urban areas of Fako with household items, and 90 in Fako and Meme with Food and household items. More than 2,000 people in total.
  • Our health centre in Mbalangi is the only functional health facility in Mbonge Sub-Division (170,000 inhabitants), and has been providing medical services to displaced people from different camps.

While we are happy to have extended our reach, we can’t stop to celebrate, so many people need help today in the South-West.

As part of our efforts to give more visibility to the conflict, we have compiled more stories like Clara’s and we are sharing them on our facebook page. Check them out herehere or here. We also created an Instagram account, please follow us!



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