NOTE: Tomorrow, 8th of March, is Women’s Day, and any donation to this project will be increased by 30%. Check out conditions here.

Lizette is a very constant participant, who never misses a check-up. She is also very reliable with her business, immediately as she started in the program she made sure to be selling 4 market days a week. I personally see her selling every week.

As you can see, though, her profits are not growing fast, although her capital is slowly but surely growing.

In terms of profits, she’s in the lowest 10% of our current participants. In terms of capital, she’s exactly at the median. In terms of commitment and discipline, she’s one of the best and we love working with her.

This January she received a 3rd grant of 50,000 francs and a low interest loan. Combined, this means 110,000 francs CFA with which she expects to be able to go to the next level: Purchase her clothes in cheaper, far-away places, and sell at a better profit.

Thanks for reading and remember! Women’s day, 30% bonus!!

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