Mitigating the horror.

“War made me leave Ekona. I have high blood. I can’t stand the shooting. So my children said I should come to Tole.”

“The family came to my house running away from what is happening down at Ekona. I can’t really take care of all of them. Before you guys came in, we would spend a day without a normal meal. We would trick ourselves. We would not eat until 3’00 o’clock. We can’t be having breakfast every day! We can’t afford that.”

-How will you spend the money?

“Is Pa’s money, he needs to decide. But we will certainly buy medicine, he needs certain prescription drugs.”

“I will buy the medicine. My legs are swollen. After, I will see if I can manage to support them to feed for a while. God will give you more power. I appreciate you for the good work you do.”

Pa Mbe and his nephew Martin.



This July, Reach Out could help 22 displaced families (132 people).

It’s been a month now, and we can confirm that they have used their assistance, to:

  • Buy Food.
  • Reunite with their families in the forest and take them to the city,
  • Medical treatment.
  • Pay some months of rents, being able to move out from highly congested households.
  • Almost all of them used a portion of the grant to create a small business to generate a stable income.

We keep raising funds for more of them, and today any donation will be increased substantially by GlobalGiving!

A month ago, the number of displaced persons in the region was updated to 246.000 by the United Nations. We are very few organizations working in the ground. We need to help many more families in the coming months. That’s why we need to keep asking for your help to promote this new fundraising project. Each donation, no matter how small, gives more strength, as well as credibility in the eyes of others. Please take a minute to consider giving, and to talk to others about it too.

Moreover, the conflict has already affected many of our activities. Some projects are paralyzed or discontinued. We have stopped doing election promotion activities. This is the first year in 10 that we won’t have a Youth Engagement Program, it is too dangerous for the children. Our KGA girls have turned into displaced persons themselves and are relocating to different areas of Buea, Limbe, and Douala.

We are sunk into the conflict, our staffs have had already traumatizing encounters with both the military and the non-state armed groups, and we keep doing our best to be up to the task.

As you can see, we even changed our logo and common name (we went back to the original Reach Out N.G.O.) to keep our neutrality.

However, we are blessed to have been able to mobilize help to carry out other projects too:

  • We just started rolling a project to help 20,000 displaced persons in the conflict areas of Mbonge and Konye with basic Water, Hygiene and Sanitation commodities and sensitization. This will be led by our Kumba Office.
  • With support from Vitamin Angels, we will begin covering vitamin supplementation for children below 5 and pregnant women in the same project area. This to add to our existing partnership with Birthing Kits, which has also been re-focused to displaced pregnant women living in the forests.
  • With Support from the Hosttesters Ministries in the U.S., we will be helping 110 displaced families next week with food and non-food items in the urban areas.

“With this money, I’m going to go back to the bush where my family is, around my village. I will take them back with me. The rest of the money I will give it to my sister, she’s good at business.” Thomas, 20 years old.

Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts. Please, consider a donation, today it will be matched by GlobalGiving!!! (there’s a pot that will be proportionally shared among all the partners who get donations)

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