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Call for Supplies

SEMBE II aims to strengthen the Cameroonian government's and local stakeholders' capacity to address malaria prevention, control, and elimination efforts effectively. The initiative will carry out interventions in line with the priorities set out in Cameroon's National Malaria Strategic Plan, covering 2019-2023 and may modify its focus areas to align with future strategic plans. Therefore, the objective of this tender is for Reach Out to launch a competitive tender for the creation and delivery of working materials for community health workers to support the execution of the SEMBE II project in the northern region of Cameroon.

Interested persons must apply before June 14th, 2024

Call for Tender. French Version

Tender For The Supply Of CHW Working Materials_French
Download PDF • 2.11MB

Call for Tender. English Version

Tender For Supply Of CHW Working Material
Download PDF • 1.76MB

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