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One of the global challenges deals with the empowerment of women, which is defined as the process of achieving women’s equal access to and control over economic resources and ensuring they can use them to exert increased control over other areas of their lives. Women suffer from inequalities such as: poverty, gender-based violence, stigmatisation and discrimination, low representation in decision making, and access to education/capital. Coupled with the crisis, there is a rapid shift in gender roles as more women are increasingly gaining the head of household status while others have adopted prostitution, picking of arms as a coping mechanism as a result of the disruption of their source of livelihood. 


The Wealth Creation Department of Reach Out Cameroon has the main goal to improve household incomes of vulnerable women through the establishment of micro-projects, sustainable agriculture and micro-credit operations so that beneficiaries are self-reliant in their communities.  Generally, beneficiaries include: school dropout, single mothers, internally displaced women, persons living with HIV and persons living with disabilities.


The Keep A Girl Alive program has been running for the past 10 years targeting vulnerable women between the ages of 18-35. Based on a need assessment initially conducted, the department assists beneficiaries to acquired skills on income generating activities such as pastries and yogurt production, shoes, soap making, bag pack and jewelries making. 

The capacities of beneficiaries are strengthened on entrepreneurship, savings, book keeping and sexual and reproductive health rights. This is to enable them take informed decisions on their sexual life and also in cases of any forms of violence. 

It is an established fact that one of the main challenges faced by farmers and petit business owners is access to capital. Micro credit operations aim to give access to capital for women and men to expand their businesses and farming.  This is achieved through conditional cash transfers which could be loans or grants depending on the funder.

Micro Credit Operations

Sustainable Agriculture

In other to fight food insecurity and climate change, the department engages in building the capacities of grass roots farmers on sustainable agriculture.


Trainings are conducted on:

  • The production of organic pesticides, fungicides and bactericides

  • Land preparation and farm management.

  • Climate change resilience.

  • Harvesting and post harvest preservation techniques

Farming inputs are also donated in the form of high yield, disease resistant seeds/cuttings, hand pushed trucks, spraying cans, processing machines etc.

Lizette Angyikai
Social Worker

"I gain more pleasure in teaching women how to fish rather than giving them fish."

Bibiche Modjenpa
Head of Department

"I am passionate about the process where women and girls' lives are transformed to a situation where they experience economic development."


Sandrine Bih
Project Manager

"To me there is nothing more impacting than giving someone a source of livelihood."



Support Extremely Vulnerable Persons   


Increase income of 107 displaced persons (40 men aged 18-35 years, 38 females aged 18-35 years,39 females aged 36-50 years) by at least 200% from baseline in 12months through improved business knowledge bases of capital and savings.

Project Duration: 12 Months 


Educational  Support Project, Food Items Donation to IDPs and Vocational Training

Improve and Enhance schooling and school completion rates in primary and secondary schools in Mundemba and Ekondo-Titi and Mundemba

Duration: 09 Months 



Keep A Girl Alive

We empower girls through entrepreneurship  by creating  micro business to improve their house hold income. Single mothers, school drop outs and internally displaced women are targeted for this.


We have impacted the lives of over 200 girls over the past 2 years.


Female Farmers Empowerment

We empower female farmers in rural areas on smart agriculture  to improve food security.

Up until now we have provided support to over 75 female farmers.

DonorSee Projects

DonorSee is an online video platform where money is donated directly to the most vulnerable persons through videos.

We are reaching out to those identified as most vulnerable and in need of direct assistance. These small individual projects depend on donations through the platform.



Our Wealth Creation Projects are depending on donations. We have several projects on the Global Giving Platform and DonorSee. Support our work and donate today.


Donate directly to our organisation.


We currently have five projects depending on funding from the Global Giving Platform.


Through donations from the Donorsee Platform, we support vulnerable households.

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