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Global Affairs Canada; National Peace Table

With funding from the Peace and Stabilization Operations Programs (PSOP) of Global Affairs Canada Reach Out Cameron has since July 2022, implementing a project titled "Peace Tables: Promoting WPS through a Culture of Peace and Social Cohesion in Cameroon" across 40 conflict-affected communities of the North-West, South-West, West and Littoral regions of Cameron.

discussions during the National Peace Table which took place on the 9th of May 2024 in Yaounde City Hall, were aimed at charting pathways for improved social cohesion in conflict-affected communities of Cameroon and increasing the participation and representation of grassroots women in decision-making structures and peacebuilding initiatives at the national level.

Reach Out Cameroon's Executive Director, Omam Esther, during her speech reminded the public that more peaceful societies can be created by bringing women to the dialogue table. "Women bear the brunt of conflict. Yet, very often, when leaders sit at decision-making tables to discuss peaceful solutions, women are either not represented or their voices not heard; forgetting that women possess an unwavering resilience and determination to create a better future for themselves and their families. We have to support and empower them as agents of change, amplifying their voices and advocating for their rights at every decision-making instance".

Omam Esther Njomo;

Executive Director, Reach Out Cameroon

 she further stated the need to invest in women as well as being gender inclusive in our society. " We must, therefore, invest in education and capacity-building initiatives that empower women with the skills and knowledge necessary to engage effectively in peacebuilding efforts........We must proactively promote the participation of women in decision-making processes at all levels of governance. This means breaking down systemic barriers and creating inclusive spaces where women's voices are not only heard but also valued and acted upon. We must move away from traditional notions of leadership that prioritize patriarchy and male dominance and instead embrace collaborative and gender-inclusive approaches that draw upon the diverse perspectives and experiences of all community members."

cross section of Peace Table Event

The Canadian High Commissioner, Lorraine Anderson, while sharing a similar view with Omam Esther, applauded Reach Out Cameroon for their efforts in inclusivity.".......We are very happy with the collaborative way in which Reach Out has taken and implemented this project, we have been seeing more and more women leaders and men working women; and women of all diversities coming together to empower their communities." she said.

Lorraine Anderson

Canadian High Commissioner

The North-West Coordinator for Persons Living with Disability (PLWD) equally expresses her satisfaction for the inclusion of PLWD. " I am happy with this project implemented by Reach Out....from the start of the project, Reach Out was determined to always consider the opinion of persons living with disability."

Reach Out Cameron has over the past 2 years, brought together government authorities, traditional rulers, local and regional council authorities, religious leaders, civil society leaders, IDP representatives, and trained grassroots women peace hub members to convene at regional and divisional level peace tables in the North-West, South-West, West and Littoral regions to discuss peace and social cohesion. "By convening at these peace tables, to dialogue around our local realities and generate local solutions to our challenges, we not only reaffirm our commitment to inclusivity and gender equality but also harness the collective wisdom of our diverse communities."

Group Picture

National Peace Table

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