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#AfricanChild - Blessing Wants to be an Accountant

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

''I want to become an accountant in the future and manage my own business,'' Blessing said.

We are amazed at the resilience and determination of Blessing to grow. As an internally displaced and conflict-affected child, she has remained ready to learn and hopeful for a bright future. Apart from resuming school in the host community at Bonaberi Douala, we supported her to start a "folere" business which she sells on weekends. We are happy to see Blessing use her weekends positively. She can now buy her books and afford for other school needs.

Training a child to become educationally sound and socio-economically resilient without abuse are some of the basic ways through which we can contribute to the life of an #AfricanChild.

#DayoftheAfricanChild: Eliminating Harmful Practices Affecting Children: Progress on Policy & Practice since 2013.

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