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Anna's Experience as a Community Health Worker

'I understand the role each actor is supposed to play in the management of malaria.”

Anna engaged in consultation and malaria testing in Mokono community.

Anna is a research enumerator and community health worker from Mokono village. She is currently participating in our activities to improve access to effective malaria treatment in Ndian Division. She was part of our co-creation workshop; a session which serves as an opportunity for stakeholders to brainstorm and generate innovative ideas that communities can adopt for effective malaria treatment.

Anna participating in a group discussion during a co-creation workshop

'' What impressed me was the involvement of the different actors; delegates of health, district medical officers, chief of centers, community health workers, and opinion leaders; in a workshop and how everyone’s opinion was considered. With the feedback taken to my community, many are eager to take up new interventions that will be effective in malaria treatment.''

Community dialogue on how to manage and treat malaria

Mokono is a rural community in the Bekora Health Area with poor access to health facilities and malaria treatment. The work currently being done by our team of community health workers and field supervisors will help break barriers in access to effective malaria treatment.

community health worker teaching Mokono communities members how to hang a mosquito net.

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