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Omam Esther wins Woman of Impact, Exception on Peace Building

The Executive Director of Reach Out Cameroon Mme Omam Esther Njomo was recently awarded the Woman of Impact in Peace Building by the Africa Women Award. This award is an encouragement and recognition for her exceptional dedication and commitment to peacebuilding .

In response to this Award, Esther extended applause to all women out there who in one way or the other put in the efforts towards the promotion of peace in their countries and communities.

being elated by this award, she said "...Women all over Africa are building peace,

piece by piece and they are making African leaders understand if we must achieve sustainable peace, we must learn to talk with those we consider our enemies and not with friends because those we need to convince about our intentions are those considered enemies."...."AWA, once more thank you for supporting other women in their efforts because it is often said that when women support women, they move forward and the world moves with them."

Her contributions to this domain have been significant, serving as an inspiration to many. Her steadfast dedication to fostering a world of greater harmony and peace is a remarkable model for others to emulate.

The Africa Women's Award

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