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Outstanding Humanitarian Organization of the Year Award

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

As we join the international community to commemorate #WorldHumanitarianDay, #NoMatterWhat , we salute the efforts of all humanitarian organizations, workers and stakeholders who have committed to relentlessly offer service to humanity.

Esther Omam Poses for a picture after receiving the Humanitarian Organization of the Year Award on behalf of Reach Out N.G.O

What makes this year's celebration of World Humanitarian Day more remarkable, is that we are being recognized by News Watch, a news paper on its 10th anniversary with an award as outstanding humanitarian organization of the year. We are reckoned by News Watch and its readers for being active and consistent in supporting persons, especially women, girls and children, affected by the drawn-out armed conflict in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

In acceptance of this award, Esther Omam says '' ... reminder that we all have to work hard during crisis periods to support everyone who is afflicted to regain their rights. It reminds us of the need for collective efforts, the need for inclusive dialogues which should advert us from the question frequently asked by the pained ones: WHO WILL HEAL THE LAND? ''

Download the acceptance speech for more insights

News Watch Acceptance Speech August 19 2023 -14 (1)
Download PDF • 248KB

We have been frontline leaders of humanitarian response in the Northwest and Southwest Regions since 2016. ''We could not stay indifferent to their cry, we had to keep searching, looking for the least opportunity that will enable us to bring some relief to them, that opportunity that will help us instill hope in them and relieve them of their pains and sufferings,'' Esther Omam, our Executive Director told the press during the award ceremony. She further dedicated the award to all volunteers and staff of Reach Out N.G.O who go for life-saving missions in remote communities

Site visit to the Humanitarian Economic Empowerment Centre for Internally Displaced Women and Girls

This award comes after numerous national and international awards, for outstanding performance in Making the World a Better Place ... for All. Visit this link to know about other awards

Some key messages of our reflections on #WorldHumanitrianDay2023 #NoMatterWhat

Visit these external media links for more information about our humanitarian actions .

By Nkengafack Eucharia

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