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Till March 13, we will be recruiting a Chief of Party, a Deputy Chief of Party, a Malaria Diagnostics/Lab Advisor, a Senior Malaria Technical Advisor, a Surveillance and Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, a Senior Finance Manager and a Health System Strengthening Specialist to join our team and support in the implementation of project activities.

Download these files to learn more about these positions.

Chief of Party

Job Advert - Chief of Party - SEMBE 1
Download PDF • 581KB

Deputy Chief of Party

Job Advert - Deputy Chief Of Party
Download PDF • 563KB

Malaria Diagnostics/Lab Advisor

Job Advert - Malaria diagnosis and lab consultant
Download PDF • 556KB

Senior Malaria Technical Advisor

Job Advert - Senior Malaria Technical Advisor
Download PDF • 659KB

Surveillance and Monitoring and Evaluation Manage

Job Advert - SME Manager
Download PDF • 571KB

Senior Finance Manager

Senior Finance and Administration Manager - SEMBE 1
Download PDF • 465KB

Health System Strengthening Specialist

Job Advert - Health System Strengthening Specialist
Download PDF • 573KB

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