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Countering Hate Speech and Xenophobia

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Leading actions through community sensitisation...

Communities of Fako are now filled with the right knowledge to fight against hate speech and xenophobia in their communities. They have the abilities to differentiate hate speech and xenophobia, understand that it is punishable by law and is a leading cause of social disintegration.

Business people in Limbe (I) food Market (''Market B'') have understood the importance of living in tolerance, and dialogue. In the words of a market woman during a sensitisation campaign on October 21,'' this ova nkongossa for market no fine. This message go help we for stop all this bad mop for market,'' She collected more stickers branded with messages against hate speech and xenophobia, promising to sensitise her customers.

Young people have been targeted through secondary schools in Buea ( GBHS Muea, St Theresia Secondary School and GBHS Bokwango). They are serving as young ambassadors in the fight against hate speech and xenophobia, to keep hate-free classrooms, hate-free campuses and hate-free communities.

Stakeholder mobilisation and project launch have helped in engaging local and state authorities to serve as opinion leaders in their areas of jurisdiction for the fight against hate speech and xenophobia.

More is still left undone. We are currently receiving recommendations to help inform the next phase of this project;

  1. Engage in research to investigate the prevalence of hate speech and xenophobia and seek sustainable community centred solutions;

  2. Conduct massive sensitisation in all communities of the Southwest Region

  3. Provide psychosocial support to victims/survivors of hate speech and xenophobia.

A Hate-free Community is Possible

By Nkengafack Eucharia

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