Empowering IDPs: Livelihood Skills

Providing Support for Resilience...

50 Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs) have returned to their communities with livelihood skills to help set up income- generating micro-enterprises. During 03 days of intensive practical sessions, they were able to understand the different stages of producing pastries and soap and the influence each stage has in the quality of the product.

Participants have also understood the tactics of running successful businesses: entrepreneurship, bookkeeping, business accounting, strategic business placement and customer care.

They now have skills for marketing a product:

  1. Building a brand ( make a name for your business)

  2. Targeting a specific market where your product will sell

  3. Using social media to advertise your products

  4. Providing short and simple information about your business.

A practical session on making laundry soap. After mixing the ingredients, the paste is poured into a mould for solidification, followed by cutting and stamping.

This activity is an aftermath of the 1st phase of the Family Planning and Health System Support for Resilience project aimed at providing Psychosocial support to IDPs from Muea and Ekona communities, by Reach Out NGO with funds from GIZ-GOPA.

Making the World a Better Place for All.

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