Engaging Cultural and Development Associations for the promotion of Peace, social Cohesion.

During our work with Cultural and Development Associations (CDAs) for the promotion of peace and social cohesion, we identified 375 internally displaced persons in conflict affected and host communities for psychosocial support.

Trauma healing sessions were conducted by social workers to help internally displaced and conflict-affected persons share their experiences and speak-up for themselves.

Apart from the reality of past traumatic experiences, internally displaced persons also expressed their daily lack of a source of livelihood, poor nutrition and deplorable living conditions in host communities.

In eight (08) months, the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs represented by Centre de Crises et de Soutien, provided funding for strengthening networks of cultural and development associations for the promotion of peace and social cohesion.

Traditional leaders took the frontline and participated in activities for social cohesion,12 cultural and development associations made their gatherings a hub for peace talks. Community radio spots were disseminated to spread the message of peaceful cohabitation in communities.

Traditional leaders at constituent meeting

Peace messages for social media campaign reached more 30,000 persons The Constituent meeting brought together members of cultural and development associations and this led to the creation of the cultural and development association network to continuously engage CDAs in peace building at the grassroots level.

Peace is Possible.

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