From the Farms to the Tables(RWD)

Rural Women Display their products during the celebration of Rural Women's Day (RWD) Bimbia

#RuralWomen constitute a significant part of our population and the bulk of our agricultural workforce. They are farmers, entrepreneurs, and equally play a significant role in the preservation of our cultural heritage. The crucial role they play in ensuring the sustainability of rural households and communities, improving livelihoods and overall wellbeing has been increasingly recognized.

Pride Yanu, Programs Officer of Reach Out Cameroon speaking on the occasion of Rural Women's Day at Bimbia

''Standing by the rural woman is not only the right thing to do, but is critical in the fight against poverty, hunger and malnutrition,'' Pride Yanu said. He added that this day is a reminder to fight against the different stereotypes that women are subjected to.

It calls for the empowerment and support of rural women in breaking free from shackles of discriminatory societal norms and practices that inhibit their growth.

Rural Women Showcase their Products.

Despite their valuable contributions to our rural communities, they continue to face significant discrimination with regards to the ownership of landed properties, equal pay, participation in decision making entities, access to resources and credit.

Rural women engaged in maize farming in Lipenja

Commemorating this day is a reminder of the crucial role rural women play in the wellbeing of our families, development of our societies, and community led peace-building initiatives.

Celebrating #RutalWomen is recognition of the efforts and the achievements of our peers and the good work they are doing out there on a daily basis.

Esther Omam Joins other women to commemorate Rural Women's Day.

Cheers to the Rural Woman!

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