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Protection of Vulnerable Groups in Conflict Zones

Watch this end-of-project video our work with vulnerable groups

  • Following the execution of this project in conflict-affected communities of the Northwest and Southwest Regions with funding from the European Union. The following major achievements were recorded:

  • A total of 1,382 (241 cases of GBV, 251 with life-threatening health needs) persons were able to gain access to health care assistance, livelihood support or GBV case management

  • A total of 66,557 community inhabitants being 35,682 on GBV (7,326 boys, 8,910 men, 8,202 girls, and 11,244 women) and 30,875 on disability, HIV, and family planning (13,960 males 16,915 females) gained increased awareness

  • 518 vulnerable persons (158 GBV survivors, 200 PWDs and 160 PLWHIV) were empowered with improved livelihood strengthening, protection and health referrals. All 518 beneficiaries were able to move out of extreme poverty (gaining incomes above of 12,825 XAF per month) while 138 were able to raise their incomes above 35,000 francs CFA a month.

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