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Female Farmers; Strengthening Food Security.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Female farmers processing cassava

Reach Out in partnership with Manos Unidas conducted a project in Lipenja, Ekondo Titi, to improve food security and livelihoods of 35 farmers through improved farming techniques. Titled “Female farmers empowerment and food security strengthening in rural areas”, 35 female farmers from the Unity Progress group gained knowledge on modern agricultural techniques on land preparation and planting, harvesting/processing and storage of crops like cassava and maize on four hectares of land donated by the community.

Local Cassava Pressing

In a focus group discussion with project beneficiaries, it was proven that the project had a positive impact on livelihood and income. A cassava processing machine donated to the group increased the productivity of farmers. “Unlike before when we could barely grind 50kg (1 bag) of cassava with our hands, the machine can grind up to 350Kg (6 bags) of cassava daily,” a beneficiary explains during a focus group discussion with farmers.

Cassava starch stored in bags for local pressing

After training of female farmers, the quantity and quality of maize produced by the group attracted more members who registered with a 1000frs each. A female farmer told our worker that, ''From our previous farms we could not get up to 5 bags of 50kg maize. Now with acquired knowledge and good seedlings (F1 and F2 hybrid) our first harvest from an area of 30m2 yielded 7 bags of 50kg. Progressive Farmers Group serves as the main supplier of maize in Lipenja an its environs.''

Preparing maize seedlings for local drying

This project has increased our living standards. We gain income from our individual business and proceeds from the farm. Thank you Reach out and Manos Unidas for choosing us among many female farmers' groups to build our capacity and increase our income. Thank you for the seedlings and farming techniques,'' female farmer testifies.

Female farmer

By Nkengafack Eucharia

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